Chapter 4: Choosing the Right Message and Medium

by clarkstrategiccomm

Message strategy, or the development of a message, or messages, that will reach and accurately affect your target audience, is extremely significant in the field of Strategic Communication. If missteps are taken, your message may not end up having a positive effect on your target at all. So, it is of upmost importance that students and professionals in the field gain an understanding on how to best go through the process. This begins with deciding whether your message is informative or persuasive. An informative message is intended to provide listeners with additional information on a topic they already have some knowledge on. A persuasive message typically intends to sway listeners into believing your point of view on a product or service by discussing its positive qualities. 

Before deciding on the appropriate media for your message, there is a series of questions that should be asked. These questions include inquiries about what audience you are hoping to reach, what knowledge of media you may already have, what is the timeline your audience needs to be reached by, as well as questions about what media you can realistically afford. It is important to answer these questions before choosing a media for your message, because without this information, your entire message campaign may be done incorrectly. It is also beneficial to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of all potential media. If this process is done thoroughly, your final evaluation of it all should be great!