Blog Post: Chapter 5, Media Relations and Placement

by clarkstrategiccomm

Creating and maintaining positive relationships with all possible media outlets is key to being a successful public relations practitioner. Since public relations is a form of uncontrolled media, it is crucial for public relations practitioners to package and deliver their information in the most media-friendly forms. There are many things that make things “news worthy” such as if it is unusual or exciting and if the material is time appropriate. News can be broken into two main categories: hard news, information that is time sensitive and has an immediate impact on the audiences receiving it, and soft news, information that will not lose value if delivered at a later time. By thinking like a journalist and creating personal relationships with local journalists, public relations practitioners have a greater chance of having their messages heard and delivered in the way they want it to be heard.

There are a variety of media platforms to which information can be spread. Determining which outlet best fits the information is very important in how successfully the message is heard. Depending upon the outlet chosen, the message must be packaged appropriately. Press kits are commonly used to package and distribute information to the media. These kits include pertinent information such as new releases, fact sheets, newsletters, photos, and a biography. These give the media a broad variety of information to create a news story from. For more information about what to include in a press kit, click here.


Taylor Jackson & Ashton Theiss