RPIE and Speeches and Presentations — Farren

by clarkstrategiccomm

We used RPIE very effectively throughout the creation of our presentation covering the topic of speeches and presentations. We listened to much the advice we gave to our audience in the “Research” and “Planning” stages of RPIE. In our “Research” stage, we managed both our primary and secondary research. For our secondary research, Grant and I combed through the online databases in TCU’s library in search of sources that would benefit both the class and us during the time prior to our speech. We came across a few good articles that really got across the message of preparation, and decided to use those as the base of our presentation. Once we found that research, we decided to determine how much the class already knew about the basic steps to preparing a presentation by giving them a survey. For “Planning,” Grant and I each took two topics and decided those were what we were each going to speak on during our speech; his topics were “top presentation mistakes” and “overcoming fear/tips for a successful presentation” while mine were “how to prepare/11 steps to a presentation” and “types of PR speeches.” We both did our own thing in “Implementing” our topics, and came together at the end to create a slideshow that flowed with our material. Everything we made we then proceeded to present to our professor and the class. Finally, for the “Evaluation” step of RPIE we gave the students the survey once more; we asked them to name six of the steps to making a successful presentation. Our goal was for the students to score an average of 4/10 (or 67%) on the survey once we finished the presentation. The first time we gave them this survey, they scored an average of 31%, but, after assigning readings and giving our presentation, the class averaged 85%– exceeding our expectations and our goal!