Planning and Interviewing

by clarkstrategiccomm

For our class presentation, Heather and I used the four-step process of RPIE to present to the class the topic of planning and interviewing. We wanted the class to gain knowledge about the planning and interviewing process. To get a feel for how much information our classmates already knew on the topic, we conducted primary research by giving them a survey. With the results of the survey, we knew what was important to high light in our presentation. Our secondary research that we collected were articles about interviewing. During the class previous to our presentation, we handed out these articles to our classmates so they could become familiar with the material.
Our goal was to increase the knowledge of the planning and interviewing process among our classmates. The objective of our presentation was for the class to retain 75 percent of the information by the end of the presentation. We decided that we would use a PowerPoint presentation to get our message across. Included in the PowerPoint presentation was the best ways to prepare for an interview, the most frequently asked questions in an interview, and general tips to succeed in an interview. After we finished our presentation, we gave the class another survey to test how much information they retained. This was an evaluative effort to see how effective we were at presenting the topic of planning and interviewing. After going through the surveys, we found that 92 percent of the class retained the information that we wanted them to retain.