Planning/Interviewing Results – Heather Wolff

by clarkstrategiccomm

            In doing a presentation over planning and interviewing, Casey and I modeled our PowerPoint slideshow over the RPIE process. We conducted a primary research survey to gain insights on what the class knew, or had thoughts on the planning and interviewing process. We took the approach of going through an interview, but most steps could be used for conducting interviews as well. We wanted to increase the knowledge that our fellow classmates had on interviewing, and inform them on the areas that showed the need for improvement. Our secondary research articles prepared the students to come to class the day of the slideshow with some basic tips to back up our presentation.

            Our goal was to increase the knowledge of the planning/interviewing process and give them insights to help them in the future. Our objective was for the class to retain 75% of the information and would be measured by a follow-up survey. The best way to give this information was a PowerPoint slideshow on insights to prepare for the unexpected, and to gain knowledge of the process. The follow-up survey measured retention by the specific tips we mentioned and asked for. Overall the class average was 92% in retention of the specific information mentioned during the presentation. This was higher than our original goal and proved to be a successful use of sources and information.