Deliverables – Controlled publications, design, and desktop publishing by Kelly Brown, Jimmy McGrath, and Sydney Hayes

by clarkstrategiccomm

For our project, we taught the class about PR deliverables (controlled publications, design, and desktop publishing). Each of us did secondary research and provided that research to the class, and then we gave them a survey so we could prepare our presentation based on their results. As a group, we decided that our goal was to increase survey scores from 64% to 75% – an 11% increase. We planned on achieving our goal by presenting with a Powerpoint because as college students, we knew that students retain more information when it is both said and written down.

The information in our presentation was relayed through the outside reading as well as the Powerpoint. After we presented as a group, the class retook our surveys as more knowledgeable subjects. The new scores overall increased from 64% to 71% – just 4% points short of our goal. Possible reasons for not reaching our goal could be because two people were missing from class (we received fewer surveys) and because we had seven fewer questions answered than on the previous surveys (students skipped more questions. We could improve our methods going forward by taking more time on each section of the Powerpoint so that students would have more time to absorb the information.

Overall, we think the project went well and we are glad to have had the opportunity to teach our classmates about PR deliverables!

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