Media Relations/Placement/Types of Writing by Kelsey Conroy, Hartley Hobson and Tommy McCulloch

by clarkstrategiccomm

For our class presentation, we covered media relations, placement and PR writing. Each of us took a section and conducted secondary research to provide us with information to teach the class. Our group came up with an overarching goal to have the class get an 80 percent or above on the quiz given asking questions about the topics we discuss. We hoped to achieve this goal by outlining a presentation that clearly showed our objectives. We put together a visual aid to help the students retain the knowledge that we presented.

The material on the PowerPoint was archived from library sources that we gave to our classmates to read prior to our presentation. After we presented, we handed the students quizzes they had previously taken. The average score on the quiz was a 91.2 percent, which surpassed our goal. This proved our methods of visual aids and speaking to students about our objectives worked.

Overall, we had a wonderful time teaching our classmates about media relations, placement and types of writing!

Reading on Media Relations:
Reading on Placement:
Reading on Types of Writing: