Diversity in Strategic Communcation

by clarkstrategiccomm

Our presentation dealt with the issue of diversity in strategic communication. To start off the project, we first conducted research on our very broad topic. We decided to focus on the issues of diversity in the public relations field specifically. This is where we gathered all of our secondary research sources, which mostly came from the PRSA. After supplying our classmates with some of our secondary research sources, we used a survey for primary research to find out what the class knew about diversity and what role it plays in PR. After seeing that the class average on our survey was 52 percent, we wanted to increase the knowledge that our classmates had on this topic. Our PowerPoint focused on five main areas:
1)      What is diversity?
2)      Why is diversity in PR important?
3)      What are some problems the PR field has had with diversity?
4)      What are the current plans to combat these problems/what is the PRSA doing?
5)      What are some good things happening with diversity in PR right now?
Our objective was to increase the knowledge of diversity in strategic communication by 23 percent (from a 52 percent average to a 75 percent average) through the means of outside sources and our presentation. The follow-up survey showed that our objective was met because the class average was a 93.8 percent. The class did much better than we expected and proved that the secondary research, along with our presentation, were effective means of teaching the class about diversity in strategic communication.